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Christians complaining
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, June 25 2017, 17:38:48 (UTC)
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The Canadian prime minister wished the fasting Muslims a happy holiday and it didn't take long for the racists to show up and cry about Muslims having more rights than Christians. Many of those complaining were assyrians as I recognize their noses and screwed up names. Their arguments are typical of racist people who complain they're being persecuted when in reality they're the perpetrators. Complains like these are same ad s healthy person bitching about the few handicap parking that are closer to the door. They don't care that they have advantage and a minority is protected for a reason because of disadvantage. Nobody is stopping Christians from Christmas nor is there any discrimination against them. White people are the majority and ruling class so they're arguments are silly, selfish and simply prejudice. One guy was telling me Christians in the West are afraid to wish a stranger merry Christmas because of Muslims and that's bullshit. First of all, why the fuck would you wish and atheist or a jew a happy Xmas? I don't see jews and Muslims wishing strangers a happy hannuka or Ramadan.

I don't celebrate Xmas and not everyone is Christian so perhaps that's why people get bothered by it and it's like forced on others and it's typical of radical Christian in the US to do so. The attackers are playing victim, and they don't even realize how petty they are and their complaints are baseless.


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