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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, July 16 2007, 20:10:56 (CEST)
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"This is not a forum for personal gratification. We have to respect everyone.

I have given orders to site administrator not to ban anyone or delete posts, but if things get out of control, then we have no choice. We will just shut this forum down, before they shut us down. There's really no need for a forum where we all come here just to insult one another. We can do that elsewhere." have "given orders"??? When did you become Commander Margaret? And who gave you this lofty rank?

...when did you get religion? When you were ranting on other forums you sure as shit didn't mind seeking your "personal gratification", or denying "respect to everyone".

..I, on the famous other hand, was consistent...I did the same thing on everybody else's forum as I did on our own...I didn't get hoity toity all of a sudden and start scolding people.

...Why is it okay for you crap all over well respected individuals...who are decidedly not amateurs, like Dr Joseph and Dr Naby...why, because it wasn't YOUR living room you were crapping in? Is that the distinction? Were you that kind of a kid.

...and cut the crap with the "we'll be forced to shut down" one is "forcing" you to shut down because of language or content..that's YOUR bullshit...another of the many ways you have for hot-footing it out of a tight spot you get yourself into...your past is coming around to bite you on that arse of yours...and you don't like it.

This all began because you removed a POEM., escalated from there...nothing more.

But I'm not surprised that you'd threaten to quit if the world won't play along with all do's what your militia will do the first time it comes up against all like to wear the uniforms and march around, your guns on your shoulders, looking snappy...looking as if you're something real, or new, or "of the future"...but you're not. You're the same old people who can invent a hundred excuses to run...ALL of them framed in very noble terms.

Where's Kakovitch when you need a ton of bullshit and not your two-bits?


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