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Dangers of Ideology
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, August 29 2019, 17:17:02 (UTC)
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The Assyrian Aid Society was established, ostensibly, to help Assyrians in Iraq weather the storm Christian nations would visit on it. That included of course the Assyrians living in the countries which attacked Iraq resulting in the death and suffering of those very Assyrians. Perhaps it was a bit of guilt for paying the taxes which bought the missiles which starved and killed the Assyrians in the first place.

Whatever it was in reality, it was presented as a humanitarian effort to "save" Assyrians. The fact that the AAS made it clear they would only help Assyrians who stayed in Iraq and did not seek safety elsewhere, makes you wonder. Was the real intention to KEEP Assyrians in Iraq? If the object was to save Assyrians, why insist they remain in a Killing Field? Why not do as the Chaldeans did who from the very first set up mechanisms and raised funds to get Chaldeans out of Iraq with the result that thousands were saved and today Chaldean children are being educated and living in safety in the United States, Europe and elsewhere while Assyrian children are trapped in a country which will take decades to recover, while a few generations of our children are lost and where it can all happen again, as it has in the past?

This is where you have to question Assyrian ideology and the Aid Society. Was it imperative to the AAS to keep Assyrians in Iraq, to only help those who stayed in Iraq, in order to service the myth that we are....

1. Direct descendants of the ancient Assyrians.
2. That, therefore, we are the indigenous people of Iraq/Assyria.
3. That our homeland of Assyria was "stolen" by the Arabs.
4. One day, much as with the Jews, "someone"(in the West most likely) will
give us "back" our Assyria.

If Assyrians leave Iraq to the point where there are only a few left here and there, we will lose the basis for insisting that Iraq is our homeland and must be "given back". It seems far fetched but why else insist that Assyrians must remain in a war torn country where Christians are likely to be hated that much more and for a long time?

Why send Assyrian children, needing life-saving surgery, to America and Europe and then after healing them, send them right back to a war zone? Why weren't the millions of dollars raised and sent to Iraq to dig wells, replace roofs, provide medicine and schools used to pay for transportation out of Iraq to Christian countries where schools and doctors and opportunities already existed. Why use all that money to set up an infrastructure, fragile and inadequate at best, in such a dangerous and unstable environment where the slightest change of conditions could mean all that was built would either be destroyed or commandeered by non-Assyrians?

The only plausible answer I can find is that the funds raised were meant to make life at least possible for Assyrians so that they could stay...a bare minimum to keep body and soul together so that people wouldn't become so desperate that no matter the hardships they would have no choice but to flee the country.

The Assyrian Aid Society used the Assyrians...they didn't really help them for their sake...they used them to make a future claim to a "nation" plausible. If Assyrians prospered and did well in Iraq there could never be any grounds for attempting to arouse the pity and alarm of the West. There would be no sense in demanding an Assyria if Assyrians lived happily and well in Iraq, or if they left. Assyrians must remain in Iraq, but they must not be too comfortable. There must always be grounds to claim martyrdom and massacres and persecution...the ASA sent just enough to keep Assyrians alive in Iraq and by promising no aid unless they remained, they effectively used their funds to trap Assyrians IN Iraq.

Not for the sake of the people, the children, but to keep alive the ideology, the idea that we are descendants of the ancients and Iraq is our homeland and must be returned to us. In order to make that claim viable, we think, there MUST be a strong presence of Assyrians in Iraq, for that future glorious day.

At least let's be clear on the real motives of the Assyrian Aid Society and its administration.....let's not fool ourselves even more.


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