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Found a Podcast that may interest some of yous...
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, November 8 2018, 22:15:25 (UTC)
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-- So on Facebook, I get a kick out a page called Existential Comics, which uses comics in expressing different philosophies, but with a bit of humor. While I was going through some of the comics last week, I came across a podcast called Revolutionary Left Radio, and that day the host was interviewing the creator of Existential Comics about the relationship between the French Existentialist, Jean-Paul Sartre, his life-long lover and comrade, Simone de Beauvoir, and Albert Camus. Quite, interesting stuff.... and a great review for me, since I used to be obsessed with the occupation of France, and then the post-war period, and everything else that followed, like the Algerian independence. So, today's program was a radical historian's interpretation of the Vietnam War....definitely worth the listen... I basically put it on while I'm doing some work around the house, or while running errands. Better than the drone of shit on the radio, these days (except for Pacifica Radio, KPFK (L.A.), KPFA (Berkeley, S.F. and Oakland). There are other programs you can scroll down, like two young Stalinist historians defense of Stalin, based on extensive research (and youthful passion). The other is about Lenin's "State and Revolution" Anyway, here's the link... check out the first program first, on Vietnam:

Although I find the information interesting and radically different than, for example, the History Channel's interpretation of the war; at my age, I can't say I share the enthusiasm these young (I would guess white, middle-class, university educated kids do) for a revolution. I've been through a revolution (Iran) and it's not as romantic as some (usually young privileged kids) make it out to be. People die. There are counter-revolutions. Power struggles. Paranoia. And of course, purges. I rather move toward progressive reforms. I'm not a 25 or 27-year-old young man, anymore. I prefer a nap to a revolution. Here's the link, again:


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