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Give Us More Ass To Kiss...
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, June 22 2007, 23:27:53 (CEST)
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...Assyrians are SHOCKED that anyone in Iraq would dislike a Christian these days...imagine how Muslims would be viewed in New York after 17 years of a war brought to New York by Muslims...

...their only card left to play, the same one they played at the start of this murderous and insane war, is their Christian religion...they`re all over the place telling the WORLD that they, as CHRISTIANS, are no one else no Muslims in Iraq are suffering 1000 times worse.

...they`re once again offering up their Christian arses for sale...or puckering their Christians lips to kiss the ass of western whom they inexplicably look to for "help"...when all they`ve ever received is the back of the hand and a swift kick.

...they`re telling the world that it has to DO SOMETHING because they are being ABUSED by Muslims...and Muslims have to hear this appeal being made to the very Christian nations who are raping their land and women...and will this make things better for Christians....think so?


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