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Great Days
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, November 22 2019, 20:04:46 (UTC)
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Many are depressed over the rise of Trump. But he's just the excrement which flows from a clogged gut. The people who support Trump are not only far more interesting but they are the source...and no one is willing to examine them and their thinking and loyalty to a very inferior person.

This is actually far from a depressing time. It is a very exciting time to be alive because many historical threads and practices and beliefs are being seriously challenged and it seems, all at once.

Just think of the drastic social and religious and cultural changes which have occurred in the last fifty years alone...changes to values and practices which have hardly changed in 1000 years...and though slight and gradual change had happened during that time, it was more in the direction of tweaking not radical.

For the last 1000 years (and more) men, whether white or other, have maintained their dominant position over everyone else. The last man to get off scot free for murdering his wife was a Frenchman in the 60s....the same time when the law changed so that husbands could no longer unilaterally commit their wives to insane asylums or freely rape them. Women have gained the right to vote after nearly 900 years of no political or economic power at all. There are many more examples but these few make the point that unprecedented change has happened in a very very short time.

In these 50 years homosexuality has been decriminalized in most of the world as has even Gay couples can marry and adopt children....racism, in a few countries, has died down, not out. Blacks and Women and Hays and Trans people have all had greater freedom and recognition and rights than they ever had these last 900 years.

In my Grandmother's youth no woman went topless yet by her 70s women could, for the first time in history, go bare chested and in many places totally nude. She couldn't believe it felt, naturally, that the world order was collapsing...where would it end etc.

Democrats are wondering why Repubs won't put country over Party. Just like many Assyrians want Iraq destroyed if it can't be Assyria, so too Trumpsters don't care if America implodes if it can no longer be “their” fact, if America changes and doesn't go back, they'd rather work to destroy it because the changes completely upset the orientation these people have had for all their lives. To them it is no longer AMERICA, no longer purely white and Christian etc......such an America is even a danger to them and their beliefs.

People aren't attracted to Trump because of his policies or decency....that's quite obvious. What they like is his racism and misogyny, the very things the rest of us decry and tsk tsk over, thinking we can shame or teach them better...we can't. They LIKE what we presume they should hate...they love the vulgarity, the insults, the taunts, even the illegality because it shows that Trump has BALLS, that he'll even break laws to remain their champion and darling racist.

It's just been way too much change for such people....but this is good for the rest of us. We will never “go back”....we might get close, we might even succumb to Fascism again, but we will triumph again because this si what the human spirit longs for...freedom, liberty, has since the beginning of Time...humans have been fighting for 5000 years to gain these things...they are here to stay.

Our failing was not to be vigillant, to make sure no such temporary resurgence of the bad old days sneaks back in....we failed to do that because we were so happy for the new days///we just assumed everyone would come along for the freer ride.....we know better now. Trumpsterism has no power of its own...has no attraction to healthy only rears its ugly head if we allow it, if we slack off. It's not any inherent strength in Trumpsterism but our weakness or inattentiveness which gives it's not what Human Beans's what happens when we take our eye off the ball, as the world did with Fascism for a bit.

These are great times...we are seeing historic change in very short time...within our lifetimes.


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