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=> HOW..did I miss your point?

HOW..did I miss your point?
Posted by Curious (Guest) - Wednesday, April 18 2007, 14:14:43 (CEST)
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.You said “......No offense, but you've missed my point entirely”
How did I miss your point?
Your question was that the Assyrians always hijack all ancient events and goddesses to be their own.

I answered you by saying that I have no preference whether it is Ishtar (Easter according to Maggie) or some other god.

Again on Akitu being originally Assyrians. I never claimed anything. If AKITU has its roots in Suemrians and was refined by the Babylonian then it would not far fetched to give the Assyrians some credit for making it into a big festival knowing they had 2600 years of continuous celebration.
We can pay tribute to those that started it but why is it not OK to hail those that made it the ancient-world-wide event?

Then you took it to Nationalism being a modern concept. I also answer you on that.

Now you have taken this post into a new direction. The same direction where all of Pancho’s roads end up.

This is what you said:
“If you are not objecting to different entities existing at different times in the same geography then using the same logic above then can the Arabs not also claim that their descendants were the Suemrians, Babylonians and Assyrians as was evident by Iraq's old constitution?”

…OK let me adjust my direction and set the compass to the Arabian Peninsula.
The logic that you put forth will never be disputed by me. I am sure that a large number of the current Arabs of many countries are of Assyrian/Babylonians/Summarians origin.
This is plausible fact and not because the “old Iraqi constitution” said so.

Now, I would also accept different religions amongst anyone that still wants to call themselves Assyrian/Babylonians/Summarian. The truth is that they call themselves Arabs. No matter how much twisting we do they will not call themselves anything else but Arabs.

What is the great need to change your origin from Assyrian/Babylonians/Summarian to an Arab? Persians existed alongside the Assyrians but we do not see them calling themselves Arabs.

It is choice that has been made and I respect that but do not force it one me. Go talk to the Arabs. Pancho has been preaching this for years. He can head to Saudi Arabia and Emirates and make them realize what they have done.

What is next?
A verse from the Bible for which you object to?
Well, I have heard that from you many times before.


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