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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, October 26 2017, 22:21:43 (UTC)
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Joseph Danavi: It's almost as if Trump was correct in his forewarning that the purging of statues won't be limited to just confederates, but to any statue that a group objects to for whatever reason. Sad to see this ignorance and complacency at places of supposed "higher learning"'ve smashed everything together till all is mush. Each point deserves consideration on its own. Trump wasn't correct...There are good reasons to dismantle the hatred that was slavery and Jim Crow and the KK and white was not because of “political correctness” that the University backed off...they were all for it and still are...they are afraid of Trump, racists, white supremacists etc...the very people who've come out of the flooring with Trump. They are afraid of lawsuits as well...all very they said, “had Clinton won, we would not be having this discussion”...but Trump won and hatred and fear have come with him.

Joseph Danavi: Unfortunately it's not just to the confederate statues, its anyone without a "political correct" past - like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Columbus and now our Assyrian history

Parhad...again, you are mashing everything together...a sophisticated mind can see distinctions...when you muddle all together all turns lose the distinctiveness which makes life joyful. As I said, we can make distinctions between Washington, Jefferson and Lee....the first two built the country, the last tried to tear it in two and keep slavery see no difference?

This is the domino effect and why us purging relics of the confederate rebels will come right back to haunt all of us. the case of Shamiram, it was the election of Trump which haunted us, not taking down statues of traitors and dealers in human flesh....why do you suppose there is no statue of Benedict Arnold anywhere in America? Until he turned traitor he was on Washington's staff as a valued and courageous officer. But, when he turned against the fledgling nation he became a traitor and isn't honored anywhere....the Confederate leaders fall into the same pit.

Our ancestors would also not pass the leftists' litmus test of political and social correctness...and why our Queen is now controversial. Insanity....

Parhad…. The Left has forgiven the Christian religion for its's easy to forgive lesser lights. We would condemn all who once trafficked in slavery and bigotry and murder....but we also know that in history these things happen...Shamiram and Julius Caesar committed war crimes, no one is suggesting we strip all historical icons...but there is no Italian or Samaritan alive today whose great-grandparents suffered anything under Caesar or Shamiram.....but African Americans still suffer the effects of slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK, white supremacists and institutional discrimination.....their scars are real and ongoing....that is the difference.

Ninos Denkha: So a bunch of liberal gangs that were strengthened under the Obama administration,

.Parhad....Obama wasn't a liberal....he was a moderate Republican of 25 years ago, at best....and he certainly wasn't a Progressive. This is the Devil's Bargain Democrats made; they would move closer and closer to Republicans, steal their thunder, become indistinguishable, as a way of pushing the Republicans to extremes they believed would make them un-palatable to voters.

go around and demolish statues that they don't like

Parhad...they “don't like” for a good reason. Because these statues commemorate traitors to our nation....I think we will all be safe if we agree that no statues to traitors should be erected anywhere...if that is the criterion, as it is in the case of Confederate leaders, then I think even you can rest assured.

and President Trump speaks against such actions,

Parhad...he is speaking FOR white supremacists...we are speaking FOR those who are not traitors to our country, as were all the Confederate leaders.

yet the liberal committee has the nerve to blame it on Trump's "atmosphere"??

Parhad...of course. Because no “liberal” thought this way till Trump took office and began speaking kindly of slave-owners...had Trump not won, no one at the University would have hesitated.

Liberals destroying librety and blames the defenders of liberty for their actions.

Parhad...Liberals, as you call them, were ready to welcome Shamiram....only after Trump rolled into office did they hesitate, and not for any other reason than Trump.

Now, I know liberals have no brain but really to this level you can't see this? Most likely what the issue is that there is someone in the university's liberal committee that doesn't like Assyrians and stood against this and blamed Trump for it. So again liberals fooling other liberals which will always be the case.

Parhad...come on now...a little silly don't you think? Narsai and I both met with the administrators...they were nothing but welcoming and excited.....your comment is more your wish than a reality.

Denniz Joseph: I literally posted a question to Assyrians a month ago drawing parallels to what the left wants to do with Confederate monuments and our own statues and monuments.

Parhad...before Trump was elected other confederate statues plus their flag, had been taken down...the same racists were complaining then...what Trump brought with him was praise for white supremacists, for people who shout Nazi slogans etc. This was a first for the other words he is pushing the agenda of traitors and enemies of the United States....people can discriminate between good and is good to take down statues of traitors, but bad to take down those of historical figures who were NOT traitors to the United States.....Shamiram never harmed the United States, therefore there is no reason to take down or refuse to put up her statue....the only reason is TRUMP and what he brought with him.

The question I asked was "Would you agree to pull down OUR statues in Iraq if Jews (whom we enslaved) deemed them to be insensitive?" Jew has asked that statues of Beethoven and Schiller be taken down because they are German...but after WW II Germans passed laws outlawing the display of the Nazi emblems and all mention of Nazi leaders...can you see the distinction?

Shockingly enough, a few of them were FOR the destruction of Confederate monuments but asked that Assyrian monuments not be touched. It's either a yes to both or a no to both. You can't pick and choose.

Parhad...of course you can. You can pick and choose NOT to display statues of traitors to the United States...that seems easy to decide...and you can choose to display any other statues of artistic merit, so long as nothing espousing treason to the United States is allowed...what is so difficult to understand in that?

Denniz Joseph Unfair? Hah! My point was proven. Your argument is not based on any sort of logic, but feelings of fairness. Life is not fair. One nations hero is another nations oppressor. Our beloved kings and queens remain our heroes, but to other nations, they represent oppression, slavery, and more. The fact that you are not understanding this simple logic represents another issue. they don't. Not unless those people wear the same blinders you have on. The Assyrians were never enemies of the United States....Shamiram never attacked America....all people have said about Confederate statues is that they glorify traitors to the United States whose treason cost the lives of 600,000 fellow's very easy to posit that “No statues allowed to traitors”

Denniz Joseph: Fred Parhad I don't believe in bitching and moaning about what happened. I'm more focused on the now and the future. As an artist myself, I appreciate your work. And I respect you. But one can be a great artist and have bad ideas.

Parhad...I'm not a great artist. I'm not even an artist...I'm a sculptor. I have too much respect for artists, real ones, to call myself one. Perhaps one day others will tag me with that...but for me to do it is like calling myself a genius...a little unbecoming no? wasn't a bad idea to create Assyrian monuments, at least I don't think it was. It wasn't a bad idea to gift it to the University in Turlock....the bad ideas came from Trump, and here we are.

And in this case, I agree with your art, but not your opinion on the current matters. The very ideology that you hold on to so dearly is the very ideology that is preventing your artwork from being showcased. about logic. My experience over 30 years in dealing with Assyrians at all levels is that whenever one of them calls on “logic”, you should cover your head and run for the hills.

Parhad...I will repeat: the “liberals” you cite are the ones who welcomed Shamiram....being public school administrators they are naturally timid in the face of a Trump....they admit and I think we all agree, that had Clinton won, Shamiram would be installed by now.

Think about that. Identity politics, Marxism, the alt-left put this obstacle in front of you. Not Trump.

Parhad...what you call “identity” politics gave women greater freedom, gave Blacks civil rights, allowed Gays to be fully integrated. You are comfortable on the wrong side of could have been a cannibal of 10,000 years ago pissed off that anyone dared challenge your right to eat your cousins and neighbors....your day is fading...of course, there are lots of you and you are reactionaries so we will have you around for a long time yet...but history has moved passed your beliefs....this happens every time humans make a great sea-change....but the course is set...we may be stalled, in fact we are...but the course is set and you can't change it.... seem lively and spunky enough so I'd like to invite you to our Assyrian forum which has been running now for 20 years....we could continue this discussion and any other you would like over there...we ban no one, we delete nothing...we allow people to have their full say...all we reserve is the right to fact, I've placed these posts, if you feel up to it...come over

“”...we will be gentle.


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