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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Tuesday, February 23 2010, 23:37:44 (CET)
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Is another one who has written couple of "books" on Assyrians, and just as with the rest of them, he isn't a historian on our people nor on anything. He has a degree in theology but that has nothing to do with history. In his first book, he mentions how brave and devout Christians the "Assyrian people" are and they would rather die with a bullet in the head then convert to Islam. He further mentions how all of the Chaldeans, Suryoye and Nestorians, Maronites and all the others are direct descendants of the ancient Assyrians. Of course he never mentions what happened to the Arameans, Chaldeans, Babylonians, etc but the today's must all be Assyrians and all of them are Christians. I read his book over 10 years ago when I was brainwashed and didn't know their qualifications but I know better today. These Christians can never fool me nor anyone that knows them. It's amazing that this person authored a book yet everything in it is mere opinion, prejudice and his bigotry. He mentions how blessed he is that he was born in America and not in Iraq like his parents. He believes there was a genocide, forced conversions and persecution. He goes out of his way to mention how Christians have been killed and persecuted but has nothing to say about his brothers placing sanctions on Iraq which killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children.

The entire book is nothing more than Christianity and his bible is the main source for the book. The most amazing thing has to be when he mentions the current Assyrian population. The population was estimated at around two million in the first book but suddenly it changed to five million in his second book. This author is no different from the rest and I was recently recommended to read this book.


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