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Just For Argument's Sake...
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, July 25 2007, 23:50:15 (CEST)
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let's accept all claims made by modern Assyrians:

1. They are direct decendants of the ancients.

2. Only real Christians can be real Assyrians.

3. Their lands were stolen from them and still are being stolen.

4. Muslims, Islam, Arabs, Turks, Kurds and anyone else, have been cruel to them...raped them, cut off their babies heads, thrown them up on pikes
(who has pikes?) and treated them in every cruel way imaginable, Arabized them, denied them their names, their history etc. AND these enemies are the ONLY people to have behaved this way towards them.

5. The modern Assyrians DESERVE to have all they ask for.

..I think that about covers it.

Addmitting all of this is true, especially the part about how cruel Islam and Arabs etc. have been...also admitting that the United States and Great Britain did nothing for us except make their lives worse, while breaking promise after promise....and, of course, recognizing that we want no more Iraqi Christians killed or persecuted or driven from BetNahrain...what follows? What NEXT?

If the people surrounding them are as bloodthirsty and dangerous as we admit...and if the foreign Christians "betrayed" us yet again...would it not seem best to DIFUSE the situation...rather than go on repeating what we all admit happened?

I mean, what is to be gained by tweaking and making such "dangerous" people as our enemies are...even MORE pissed off? What's the pay-off to such behavior...where's the benefit that will will this bring the peace and security we all say we want?

It seems to me that when our "strategy" has failed repeatedly and so miserbaly as each crisis ensues...and that we are losing more and more of everything we claim is valuable to us...why continue in the same way?

Surely by letting our "enemies" know that we will create a government-in-exile, which will have no authority...also a MILITIA,,,we only provoke them more? And when we keep lumping all Muslims and Arabs and Kurds and Turks together, misrepresenting their religion or claiming that their own common criminals are TYPICAL of Islam and the various ethnic groups comprising our "enemies"...aren't we lighting even bigger fires under our people...with no way to help put them out?

Can anyone explain, in a rational manner?


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