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Letter from a Jew
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, July 29 2020, 20:01:49 (UTC)
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Greetings Mr. Parhad, first I thought to ignore this but then I thought what a pleasure it would be, for me, to respond

   The reason I am writing you is to reach out from one ethnic community to another.  While, hopefully no offense to you, I am not religious,  I am proud of my heritage, which happens to be of Jewish descent. Also, I greatly cherish our mother earth and most of her creations,  particularly of the feline variety. 

  While Ashurbanipal appears to have been a very powerful leader whose desire to preserve his slice of history has paid off substantially, I do have a few concerns regarding such said history.  With so few physical monuments left standing, I firmly believe those remaining should ideally be relatively good role models for our future generations to come. want people from 3000 years ago to serve as role models for 2020? Then you must be disappointed Jews no longer practice human sacrifice, or bury living babies in the foundations of building, or stone to death people who walk or pick sticks on the Sabbath. to the Confederate statues you must be mourning; those people held their noxious views, not 3000 years ago, but 150 years ago, at a time when all other advanced nations had outlawed addition to wanting to maintain slavery the Confederacy mounted an attack, by traitors to the United States, against the United States during which they killed or caused to be killed over 600,000 Americans and traitor-Americans. Ever wonder why there's never been a statue to Benedict Arnold? Guess.

 Two issues in particular do concern me, one is the historical claims that Ashurbanipal conquered countless other peaceful communities such as several Jewish communities. I imagine how you can see how that might be of concern to all Jews the world over. 

...Jews were hardly peaceful and Israelis certainly aren't now...historically they were weaker than their neighbors. When they had the chance, briefly, they murdered innocent people with abandon...where are the Amelikites and the Midianites today?...or the other peaceful tribes in Canaan you brag about robbing and murdering in your Old Testicles? David, as king, slew people left and right, when he wasn't bedding them and Solomon supposedly had a “kingdom”, though no evidence of one has ever been found....still, Jews obviously WISHED they cold have had a powerful kingdom and still talk as if they'd had one...In truth Jerusalem was built on a hill topped with sheep shit...aside from lifting the myths and ideas of neighboring peoples, such as the Babylonians, Egyptians and Assyrians, among others, they filled their holy book with recipes, diets and murderous actions against inoffensive people....not to mention what Israel has done to the Palestinians, but we won't go into that.

  Ironically, your statue does depict him with one of his countless victims,  a young lion cub who surely would have been cruel slaughtered in one of his infamous 'hunts'...

...are you saying people, such as Trump Jr and his sapling among many others, only hunt today and kill Lions because of Ashurbanipal? Did Jewish kings never hunt? Or is that the fault of Assyrians as well.

  This day and age, honoring a person who conquered countless people and animals seems questionable.

...questions are good. They harm no one. Aside from the negative things you mention ( which were shared then, and are today, by all nations), Assyrians and their Babylonian cousins gave the civilized world its early foundations and foundations are what determine the durability and charm of buildings as well as civilization. Jews in the modern era have contributed mightily to civilization but they wouldn't have done it if they followed the old ways...they and many others have contributed to modern civilization because of the development and sophistication of the cultures of Egypt, where people also hunted, Sumeria, Assyria, Babylon and isn't called “The Cradle of Civilization” for nothing.

Jews lament that their ancestors were taken to Babylon. Yet in Babylon they became educated and cultured and successful. We Semites think of it as having sent the Hebrews to boarding school where they profited greatly. It would be lie being sent to Paris to live today from Arm Pit, Arkansas. Those who remained at the bottom and never prospered ,among the Babylonians ,were the ones who longed to return to their hillside where there was no competition and the bar for civilized behavior and cultural development was barely off the dirt floor. And the Persian King was glad to be rid of them. Jerusalem did develop a modern veneer when the Romans built an actual city over the mud huts and introduced bathing.

  If you could please be so kind as to elaborate what honorable traits might have motivated you to put so much hard work, time and money into creating such a beautiful piece of art depicting such a man?

...I will...when you explain to me how you can stomach having a Jewish heritage when Jewish brides were stoned to death for not being virgins and countless Canaanites'll notice that while people still do hunt, one is stoning women to death. The world recognizes hunting, which is Assyrian, as you state...but it does not condone stoning women...only you modern Jews still take pride in that type of ancestry.
. justify your cruel and inhuman ancestry and I'll justify mine. Fair enough?

  I greatly appreciate any explanation you might have to offer as I am trying to determine the difference between your statue and say one of a confederate general. 

...well, my statue honors an historical figure who never declared war on his fellow citizens. He made war on other people, as many nations have since, including the United States. Confederate generals killed Americans....instead of hunting lions, they hunted their fellow Americans. Robert E. Lee was a traitor to his country and it's all the worse that he was,reportedly, a fine gentlemen....though not to his 250 slaves, who were beaten regularly on his plantation.

  Thank you in advance for any time you might be able to offer me regarding this issue. 



Adam E.


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