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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, May 18 2007, 23:19:35 (CEST)
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...she finally did it...finally plunked down some cash and got her own forum. Her mission statement is as noble sounding as was that of Mesopotatoes when it opened wonders how long she will keep it up, so to speak...Mesopotatoes didn`t last long...within days they were deleting and banning and warning and fussing...I was told to apologize immediately for calling someone a I see they`re calling each other "stupid" and "fool" too...oh well.

Maggie was always allowed full freedom to post here...say what she wanted, scream, yell and the rest of it...not a single post of her`s was isn`t my fault she`s thin skinned enough to run out when the going gets tough...anyway it will be interesting to see if she can extend the same courtesy...I was and am never bothered by what people call me or how they respond or what they wish to remains to be seen if this thingie will still be the only forum that really means what it says when it comes to not deleting or banning anyone...I give Maggie a week, maybe less. Of course she`ll have noble sentiments and explanations galore about why she just had to delete and ban...they all do....Jassim had his, Hanna had his and Albert has his....will Maggie join their club?


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