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Mumbo and his little game
Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Sunday, December 9 2007, 19:05:24 (CET)
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Yo my man Muncho, pay close attention and this time read to understand what I am writing, iight? Let's begin. I don't know what world you live in and I can only think of 2 options when it comes to you. Either you are just playing naive, or you are one of those characters like most of our Christianized Assyrians who hate when someone speaks out, exposes, writes or learns something new. I remember you stated how me and Pancho were kissy kissy, for some time and all of the sudden started hating Assyrians, but that is the problem people like you have. Whenever someone does not cooperate with people like or is right about something you people get handled and bahave like the fool that you have been displaying on here. Why do we have to "hate" Assyrians in order to learn something new? Why is it so shocking to you that a person can be doing something or following something for some time and all of the sudden change? Haven't you heard of people learning, seeking knowledge and then taking action? Are we anti Assyrian because we are saying that the few Syriac speaking Christians sects are not what they claim to be?

You assumed that I was always kissy kissy with other Assyrians and followed their ways but you are wrong and that's what happens when a person assumes without knowing. You expected us to just follow or momy and daddy and their way without research. If one doesen't look around and just follows something and only relies on people like Fred Aprim and other church fanatics, what do you expect? but when there comes a time a person is a little open minded and decides to do real research and from more reliable sources, it don't take a rocket scientist to figure out something was wrong. From that point it is up to the individual to make the choice, to either play dumb and continue following something that is wrong or making changes. You assume that I hate Assyrians and that is why I do what I do but that is how you people think. As soon as someone says what we say, or do what we do, you people can't handle yourselves anymore and behave the way you do on this forum. I don't have to hate Assyrian Christians nor did I ever hate them but I get frustrated by their tricks, games and actions. The games that I am referring to is exactly what we have been saying on here and that is that the small number of Christian sects are using the "Assyrian" label as if it is theirs only and no one else's.

You don't have to very far or search hard to see what is going on. If you just type "Assyrians" on google, right away a bunch of stuff comes up and it will show you the estimated Assyrian population. The population chart will usually read something like "All Assyrians are Christians who are split between different denominations". Where is there an option for others? The great Assyrian empire with a huge population it had and you mean to tell me all there is left is the few hostile Christian sects which can't stand one another. If some leader of one of your denominations came around saying "we are Kurds now" most would follow as if he is GOD. The thing that we been saying all along is that we were not Assyrian a 100 years ago and in 2000 years there was nothing Assyrian about us. While we didn't call ourselves "Assyrians" nor did any Christian do anything "Assyrian" in 2000 years. The people who lived in Iraq always knew their ancastry, they were proud and knew the history of ancient Iraq. Of course they didn't claim the title "Assyrian" exclusively to themselves but always regarded themselves as the descendants of the ancient Assyrians and Babylonians. The Iraqi people are very aware of their ancastry and they love it. You pretend as if there is no such thing as most Christian Assyrians being intolerant of others calling themselves Assyrians and as if they are truly doing something Assyria when in reality it is clearly Christian.

So I see the game that you are playing and it seems as if you are pissed because you know it's true, and you are too arrogant to admit that. So you come on here behaving like a fool playing like a little kid, got nothing important to say and expect people take you serious with your bogus statements. I told you that the choice is yours of wether you want to play games or be serious but I am not gonna waste my time with people like since I did that for years on the internet in dealing with Assyrians. No, I don't hate Assyrians nor do I deny that the descendants of the ancients are still around, but I am saying that it is not just the few Christians but there are millions more. I don't have to hate Assyrians to do a little resarch and learn something true. I researched other sources which are more reliable, logic and real, so I took it from there. No one is denying the ancient Assyrians but what I am saying is that we only adopted this name after the British named us that and all of the sudden we have all of this "ASSYRIANISM" which is always in reality a hidden Christianism thing. I don't care what faith one has but being "Assyrian" can not be depending on one's belief or denomination. Our Omtanaye friends want to pressure Chaldeans and Jacobites in calling themselves Assyrians yet ignore that there are millions more who are Muslims, Yezidi and other faiths who also have an Assyrian heritage.

They are quik to jump all the way to Lebanon and try to even get the Maronites to call themselves "Assyrians" yet ignore that there are millions of Iraqis whop say that the "Assyrians" are their ancastors. Have you ever met a person from the province of Salahadin, Neniveh area or others? They call the Assyrians their ancastors and are proud of them just as they are proud Muslims, but they are not a part of the modern "Assyrian People" since it is a only a Christian thing which was invented less than a 100 years ago.

I be back for more, Insha Allah.


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