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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, August 23 2018, 21:23:48 (UTC)
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Thank you, Jeffrey. Great to see you post here, again. And great to see that Bill Blum is still at it, again. This Russia thing is so ridiculous, compared to all the dark shit our elites lead our government and it's secret armies to do: Like overthrowing the democratically-elected leftist president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, in 2009, at the behest of Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, which led to more narco-gang violence and migration of children to la frontera, the border of the U.S.A. The following year, 2010, the prime minister of Japan was removed by our government, led by Obama, since the new PM wanted the Yanks out of Japan, especially Okinawa. Not much can be found in the news about this operation unless one watches RT, or reads Blum or Chomsky. Chomsky, the other day said what I've been saying all along: Israel, not Russia, has been fondling and molesting our so-called "democratic" electoral process. But to say this, makes one an "anti-Semite", or if you're a Chomsky or a Finkelstein, a "self-hating Jew". Three or four days ago, it was the 65th anniversary of OPERATION AJAX, the U.S./U.K, CIA/MI6 overthrow of Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh of Iran, a left nationalist who nationalized Iran's oil. The Brits, who had changed from coal to oil needed Iran's free oil for their fleets to flex their imperial muscles and claim their past glory in occupying shipping lanes and colonizing other peoples' countries, resources, markets, labor, etc. It was a necessity for the Brits to keep that Persian oil. But even up to a few years back I'd argue with older Iranians who'd claim that it was "mardom" ("the people") who brought the Shah back. They even didn't (and wouldn't) look at the documents that the CIA finally released in 2012 or sometime around then, nakedly claiming, "it was us: we overthrew Mossadegh". And today I read that Facebook had taken off 465 or some odd number of sites from Iran... "and Russia". Not a word about Israel's IDF Hasbara (propaganda) squads, online 24/7 spreading the old lie about "the only democracy in the Middle East" for Jews (which they leave out), and if one challenges them, they immediately call them... well, you know what they call them.


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