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Re: As a Latino, I no longer feel safe in Trump's America
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, November 10 2019, 22:50:00 (UTC)
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The French journalist, whose name escapes me at the moment and who was Jewish, worked the Dreyfus trial in the late 1800s. Dreyfus was railroaded for supposedly betraying State secrets and sent to Devil's Island to suffer and die. He was eventually exonerated after an investigation and public outcry over the injustice fueled greatly by Emile Zola's book "J'Accuse" ( I accuse).

Theodre Hertzl, that was his name....he quit his job and began the Zionist movement intent on helping Jews escape what he believed was persecution of Jews on a scale not yet seen. The Rothschilds and other wealthy Jews put up the money to buy land in Palestine and pay for the travel expenses and settlement of Eastern Jews, who were the first to feel the modern, industrial era pogroms starting in the late 1890s.

I've always wondered what convinced the earliest German Jews to leave their country. Persecuting Jews was hardly anything new in Christian Europe...what was different this time, say in the early 1930s?

Maybe it was a bit of what this Puerto Rican woman sees and feels coming to AMerica.

The Republican Party has become the party of white nationalism. Their bet is with Trump and his brand of Fascism-Lite. The people themselves could give a shit about the economy or the climate or anything else besides Trump's nativism....his call to "...... ..... Great Again" is a barely disguised call to return to a time when white males were more clearly in charge.

Of course you can't really go back in Time and Trump's people know that and don;t want that. They also know you can't stand still, that life and events move on. There is no going back to another time and there is no standing still which, in any case is not at all what they want. They want to move alright, but they want a future which will put them in control in ways they never were before.

Liberals are useless in this fight, and it is a fight, though maybe not so obvious now. The good news is that Trumps are going to lose in the long run, guaranteed. Trumps always have and always will because their ideas are regressive and sooner or later people feel the accumulated effects and want no more...maybe it will take another four years to wake up...maybe not. All empires rot from within way before anyone needs to defeat them.


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