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Posted by Jeffrey (Guest) - Thursday, July 19 2007, 12:54:26 (CEST)
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Although both of the articles you posted are disheartening and depressing, thanks for posting them. The extent of misery that has been brought upon the once proud - now broken - Iraqi people and society is amazing and quite unfathomable.

The world is far worse off with a broken Iraq.

I recall several years ago there was an indignant Jewish man on one of those 'talking heads' nightly news shows. He was practically screaming, arguing with an invisible person, saying "HOW MANY JEWISH DOCTORS would there be if the holocaust could have been prevented? HOW MANY CURES FOR DISEASES, CANCER, etc. would have been discovered, HOW MANY SCIENTISTS would have been born, etc." I think the point that he was trying to make (which I agree with) is that Jewish people, on the whole, have in the past 100 years made a huge impact on the sciences and medicine academically. I could say the same thing of Iraqi culture, which the world has benefited from.

In the 70's and early 80's, Iraq was the most advanced country in the Middle East, with a universally free higher education and health care system, and its people excelled in the sciences, arts, etc. People from around the world visited Iraq for both scientific as well as artistic conventions/exhibitions. Look at what unnecessary (and intentional) destruction can do to an entire civilization. If I ever hear people say that Iraqis are "just like that" (i.e. fucking crazy killers), I make it a point to tell them that if China or some other country invaded the US, intentionally bombed our power plants and water treatment facilities, as well as all of the government offices and police stations, you bet your LIFE civil society would break down and it would be a free for all. Neighbors would kill each other for food, there would be riots, pillage, plunder, etc.

My father said it best to me once, ... "When push comes to shove, you should be in a position to do both."

It's a bleak future for all of us. I actually had planned on visiting Iraq, the homeland, when I graduated from college. That is but a distant dream.


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