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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, April 24 2007, 19:18:28 (CEST)
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Website title:'d think more people would see through the corporate line that "we exist to serve you, our loyal customers". They exist to feed off of us, to use us and use whatever they can and do whatever they can to increase their profits...we aren't "being served"...we are being served up.

It's gone way past the mythical "capitalist stage" which someone makes a profit by rendering a service...the profit has become an end unto that level there can never be enough...there can never be any leveling such thing as "steady" growth...or no growth but rather maintaining a position....if they have aa fantastic yesr...the next year has to be more than fantastic..if it is a super year, the next year has to be super duper...there can be no end, no rest because they're chasding each other to the top of some mythical mountain peak....only it doesn't exist.

And when the legitimate ways of making a reasonable profit are gone...or are diminishing, they have to cook up schemes...kill good ideas because they may be too efficient...too "good"...meaning they won't spin off other profit-making ventures etc and etc.

But they aren't to blame...we set them on...we keep them going...they are merely providing us with what we want...what we think we want or need...and to be around to keep doing that they have to make more and more money...and they can never stop...not so long as one tree is left fact things are so bad they had to buy up the news outlets and determine content in order that we not find the papers...things are pretty good...cancer shows "hope"...people maintain "faith" in Bush...or at least faith in his failed polices...because it''s unthinkable to slow this process down.

And it won't change from the changes when we change.


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