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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, September 23 2017, 16:27:21 (UTC)
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"When any person or group says that their government is not legitimate and does not represent them and that they want to form their own independent state, or province or anything, they commit sedition...and, if they do it during a war, treason, which is normally punishable by long incarceration or death. "

-- That is correct, and I agree; but the Spanish situation is not as simple as you display. Remember, in 1936, the left-leaning Spanish Republicans won a fair election, against which the forces of reaction (Hitler/Mussolini) helped Generalissimo Francisco Franco foment a coup against the Spanish Revolution... resulting in the 1936-'39, Spanish Civil War, which ended with the Falangismos (falangists) winning against the forces of the anarcho-syndicalist Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), aka, the National Confederation of Labor; and, Federacion Anarquista Iberia (FAI), aka, Iberian Anarchist Federation, along with the fallen comrades from the International Brigades: The Lincoln Brigade, for example, whose cadres were mostly Jewish socialists from western nations who correctly knew that fascism must be defeated and nipped in the bud in Spain. But since western nations imposed an arms and oil embargo against the legitimate leftist Republican government of Spain (while Hitler and Mussolini were arming Franco's men with the weapons of petrol and arms; in addition to Stalin crushing the Anarchists movement, the fascists won the war, leading to the next phase: World War II. So, the Basque formed ETA, and with help from Qaddafi sending them Semtex explosives, they fought an urban guerrilla war against the fascist Spanish state---with their most spectacular act of terror being the assassination of Franco's number 2 man, Prime Minister Blanco, who got blown up in his car, which flew several stories up in the sky when the ETA ignited a bomb under the street over which Blanco's car was driving. Gillo Pontecorvo, director of "The Battle of Algiers" and "Quemada" ("Burn" with Brando) depicted the assassination in his banned film, "Operation Ogre". When Qaddafi was killed, ETA called it quits, and since then have taken a political approach: a referendum. To the thinking of Barcelona, Franco's coup was an act of treason against a legal, legitimate, democratically-elected government of Republican Spain... plus, this has very little to do with treason and more to do with money. Barcelona (Basque country) is rich and keeps the Spanish state afloat. This is what Madrid fears most:

"In a poll taken by the regional government last October, 80% of those surveyed agreed that the central government took too much of their tax money and made decisions that hurt Catalonia’s public infrastructure.

"The oft-quoted version of the sentiment is Madrid nos roba: Madrid robs us."

...but then again, like many time before, I could be totally wrong about this.


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