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Posted by Jeff (Guest) - Friday, September 13 2019, 3:52:58 (UTC)
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pancho wrote:
>My friend always says that "if you mail $100 to 10 different people, 7 of them are going to complain. Some people will complain that you gave them too many 1s. Some people will complain that the bills were too large and they have to break them."
>..they may well complain...but if the money saves their lives or buys a ticket out of a killing zone for their children, they'll take it in whatever form.
>I guess what I'm trying to say is that isn't it human nature to attack problems with different solutions?
>...what're the solutions to being a civilian child in a war zone? Name the possible solutions....which would you take? Would you want just enough food to remain alive...until when? Would you maybe prefer to leave and start elsewhere? Why did your ancestors leave Iraq? Was there no other solution for them? And, not coincidentally, aren't you glad they left?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx That question is difficult to answer because if my grandfather had stayed in Iraq, I would simply not exist. I'm glad he left, because I exist, and I'm also glad he left, because he avoided many terrible wars.

>Some people might think "well, George W. Bush, as well as his father, decimated Iraq with genocidal sanctions and depleted uranium weapons. Let's get nasha diyyan out of there and into any other country where they can be safer", whereas other people might think: "Our people have been there forever, let's just so what we can to support them there, so that they remain there."
>...people can think all sorts of things...many of them wrong. Let's just apply self-interest...which would you prefer? If your grandparents and my parents and all the parents and grandparents of all of us who came to the West and had us here left Iraq when there was no Bush and no Sanctions and no war....wouldn't it be better if Assyrians left now, after so much death and mayhem which will reverberate for decades to come?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Well, the easy answer is yes, but in the North of the country, where the Kurds are in control, our people (and most of the population) live in relative peace. Should they not be allowed to stay if they wish? I imagine there are some people in the North of Iraq with financial means who choose to stay, who choose not to migrate.

> one chose to stay in Iraq, not even Muslims in these last decades...those who stayed did so because they had no help or means to escape....Chaldeans certainly didn't opt for staying...but they had people actually interested in their welfare, not some silly ideology.
>I'm not saying it's that black-and-white, but is there any wiggle room here for differences of opinion? I'm not really taking a side, I'm just saying do you suppose that the motives for setting up the AAS really are that sinister?
>...this is not a matter of opinion...but of fact. We'll never know how many were killed or displaced. But the fact is that life became untenable in Iraq. It also isn't an opinion that not a single member of the AAS would have stayed, or wanted their children to. That's a certain fact, Assyria or no Assyria.
>...and where was the down side in getting people away to safety? Sure, they MIGHT have survived...even their children MIGHT have survived...but why take the risk? They could always go back whenever it became safe to do so...why INSIST that the only help they could expect would come if they remained in what was one of worst places at the time in the world?
>...yes, it was exactly that sinister....Assyrians MUST remain or they get no help...ergo, they MUST be kept in maximum danger and fear for their lives...why? Is this a way to "help" people...or sustain an ideology, at all costs.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Since the road to hell is paved with good intentions, there is a small chance that it's a bit of both, but I'm willing to bet if we interviewed the leadership of the AAS, it would skew towards the latter (to sustain an ideology).

>The majority of the people that live in Iraq are likely a descendant of the ancient Assyrians, some of them just happened to convert to Islam and others converted to Christianity. You'll get no argument from me on that point!
> is it that people trace their line to a specific spot and then stop? Do you think the ancient Assyrians appeared from nowhere, or from thin air, or spaceships? The Babylonians came before and before that the Sumerians and before them who knows who else? Why when tracing ancestry do people decide where to stop? Aren't we all from Africa? It isn't a train ride where you get to hop off at your favorite every sense of the word the people of Iraq and Canada too are descendants of the people who began it all in Africa.
>The indigenous people of Iraq -- that's very different than saying the indigenous people of the USA. Iraq and America are modern nations, formed in the last 220 years. The Native Americans were always here in the US of A (Murrica), but then white colonizers came from Europe. Iraq was part of the Ottoman Empire, but then white colonizers came from Europe. So are not the indigenous Iraqis more or less most-or-all Iraqis?
> nationality, passport and birth certificate, definitely. By those criteria there are no Assyrians today....and our ethnicity is made up of bits and pieces of everyone elses who ever lived there....Iraq isn't Australia where you know to a precise date that there was a truly indigenous people. The Fertile Crescent has been a crossroads and meeting and spawning ground since recorded history...only an Ass would claim there is anything pure about anything in Iraq....all the people of the world will soon be pure mutts and mongrels...mixture of all people everywhere.
>...Assyrian nationalism is no different from white nationalism.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MAKE ASSYRIA GREAT AGAIN...! (Just kidding, we'd need a time machine to do that and we'd have to prevent both Gulf Wars by influencing U.S. politics)


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