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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, April 15 2007, 1:06:05 (CEST)
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Jumblat wrote:
>Pancho wrote:
>" And if you`ll notice you were not able to provide what I asked for..none of you can..that`s why you yell and scream so....I asked you to show ONE person who, before the 1800s, said that HE was an descendant of the ancients. You didn`t do that but brought me Toynbee and the Syrians...we all know about the Syrians and Suraye and Suryoyo...that wasn`t the more time...bring me ONE insatnce of any Nestorian calling HIMSELF an Assyrian...just us that the Nestorians always knew they were Assyrians and proud of it and insisting on it etc. "
>REPLY >>>
>Pancho : if there is a person who is spinning here, that person is you only, you want one person before 1800 to claim to be Assyrian , HOW MANY TIMES I WILL SAY if you read our language, go and read the book of MARGANETHA there is an attachment about over 90 lines of verses that 5 lines of them contained how Assyrian are proud of their Assyrian nationalism, not just that the Assyrian homeland having a nick name which is , " Athur mab3ath yolpana - Assyria is a centre of learning " . do you think he is speaking of rivers, mountains, plains and rocks of ASSYRIA, hell no he is speaking of people and that people is ASSYRIAN!

...I old one accepts religious manuscripts as history..or else we`d still believe in the Shroud of Turin and the fourteen thumbs of St John...these "books" and poems prove nothing....except that someone wrote them....what is needed and what you can`t seem to provide is any evidence that anyone thought of himself or herself as Assyrian...anyone at all....or, if the Assyrian part is too difficult. let`s take Chaldean...find one source where any Nestorian calls himself Chaldean BEFORE the Roman Catholics showed up...just one. No doubt Chaldeans can point to "books" and "verses" which prove they always existed and knew who they were....just one will do.

>You see, how stubborn you are how many times me and others told you but you don't like to listen !!!

...and another thing...if you had any such evidence as you claim YOU would rush to put it here before us all...this is what always trips you people always say..."go and look for yourself"...why the hell should I? I didn`t tell you to go read Dr Joseph`s book...I brought the book HERE...because I want to SHOW what it says...if you have any such evidence to back your claims YOU would bring it..indeed it is YOUR obligation to bring YOUR evidence into court...why must I do my work AND your`s too?

Show us or shut up.


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