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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, October 25 2019, 22:54:10 (UTC)
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I think what makes the difference is the hysterical and unfounded notion that the "Arabs stole our land (Assyria)"...and someone has to "give it back" know, like the Jews "got back" Israel.

Chaldeans don't hold this grudge against Muslim Iraqis("Arabs") based on a fairy tale....this sense of wounded pride and loss makes Assyrians grumpy and narrow-minded while at the same time filled with wild and expansive views on their direct descent from Ashurbanipal...yuk yuk.

As you say, Chaldeans get on with the business of living in the present and caring for the well-being of their families and community while Assyrians huddle in villages grousing over their imagined wrongs.

It would be one thing if Assyrians actually fought (not brawled among themselves) for "their country"....but they don't. Their idea of "national work" is whining and seeking pity of western Christianity, Britain and threatening all sorts of dire outcomes of they aren't GIVEN their land right now!!!

This is the difference and it makes all the difference.


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