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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, November 22 2019, 19:34:53 (UTC)
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>“'The Times' of London reported that 'thousands of Nestorians have adopted the Greco-Russian tenets in the hope of enjoying some day Russian protection.” p. 132 much for the stories of Assyrian martyrs...or is it ok to switch so long as you switch to another Christ but not Muhammad. Being humans you can understand why they wanted protection. Our community, because it was mostly religious, was set upon itself to attack each other for Christ. The process started for us by foreign we spread around the world we continued the disintegration ourselves.

And now that Christ is losing his fascination we will soon have nothing to "bind" us together though it can be argued that Christ first started our undoing.

They say that if the church goes, morality disappears or has no foundation. As Assyrians move away from their various religions, they will lose the foundation for their identity, which is not Assyrian but Christian.

Nothing holds our community together like religion and it barely even does that right now. Wait 50 years.


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