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Re: Fear of extinction pushes Basra’s Christians to isolation
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, November 25 2017, 14:46:11 (UTC)
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Christians of Basra and other parts of Iraq, have only their fellow, Western, Christians to blame for their losses in Iraq. For centuries Muslims, Jews and Christians lived in peace in the MidEast...far more peace than ever Jew, Protestant and Catholic lived in Europe.

This all changed when the Christians of Europe murdered their Jews to the point where no survivor felt like returning...and so the "need" for Israel was created, by the actions of Christians.....this was the beginning of the Muslim resentment of what was after all a European/Jewish colony placed on stolen Palestinian land....that started it....since then the western Christians have made things worse and worse until today when Christians of the MidEast have been forced into either the cemetery or into exile...none of this was initiated by Muslims yet they are given all the blame by western Christianity, the very people who actually caused it all.


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