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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, November 11 2018, 13:10:54 (UTC)
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"...the entire point of American democracy was that there should be no need for violent overthrows once the people, all of them, have an equal vote...without the silly college mucking things up. Of course we can all sit these things out, refuse to take a hand in government, refuse to organize and demonstrate (which in every way is easier and more efficient than taking up arms) and refuse to vote."

-- I agree, and would add a few common sense additions: mandatory voting, three strikes penalty if you don't vote---third strike, you lose your voting privileges for a term or two; allowing felons to vote if they've been "out of the joint" for a considerable time and been law-abiding citizens for a number of years (like four years, for example); keeping big money out of elections or at least placing caps on amounts of cash contributions; no more redistricting, or gerrymandering, or whatever it's called, that's cheating! And, of course, no more domestic propaganda, this started up a few years back if you recall; prior to this, it was kosher to use propaganda through Radio Liberty, and the like abroad.... after all, how can we be educated voters when we're flooded with "fake news" at home--- let us all know the truth about what's really going on, ALL OF US, Left, Right and Center. And also, a new (old) standard of debating, like in the '60's and '70's in programs like Firing Line, where one person makes his/her argument, while the other listens, and then he/she makes a counter-argument... tired of all of this yelling back and forth, or the type of shit Hitchens pulled while getting his ass kicked by Galloway, by threatening the crowd for disagreeing with him, "you're on TV", or whatever bullshit he pulled, I forget what he said verbatim. My neighbors at my last place of residence were hardcore Republicans who voted for Bush2 (twice), and Trump, and Nixon over JFK, back in 1960. But we had rational conversations. No one yelled, no name calling. Nothing. As a matter of fact, they helped me vote (along with them) on a few liberal propositions having to do with the rising price of rent in L.A., which is causing a homelessness epidemic, especially among senior citizens and the disabled. I trust their Republican asses to watch my back, my home, my cat, more so than I do my so-called "progressive hippie artsy" friends who are more concerned about going to Burning Man, than keeping their word. I already miss my Republican neighbors since I moved to my new place. Although, my new neighborhood is 90% Jewish: Iranian, American, Russian, and Israeli... and I'm really diggin' it, especially the friendly single mom Jewish women my age who keep approaching me while walking their beautiful dogs on the street while I'm reading. I guess they think I'm some type of college professor, or maybe they think I'm part of the Tribe. No matter, I play the part. Such beautiful, kind women... so far. (sorry to digress).


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