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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, November 9 2018, 23:22:02 (UTC)
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...the entire point of American democracy was that there should be no need for violent overthrows once the people, all of them, have an equal vote...without the silly college mucking things up. Of course we can all sit these things out, refuse to take a hand in government, refuse to organize and demonstrate (which in every way is easier and more efficient than taking up arms) and refuse to vote.

The mechanisms are all there, though they have been steadily chipped away at by the Repubs who know they can only win by cheating...and we've let them do it...and now it's gaining force...still, the mechanisms to thwart them are right there, at our need to pine for a violent revolution....the Colonists already went through one so we wouldn't have to....and if they'd been able to eliminate slavery from the start there would have been no need for a civil war either...but, it seems that couldn't have been helped at the time...just put off.

It only gets worse when you put it off and action then is much more shattering, for all. Look what Hitler finally did to his own people.


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