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Re: HOW..did I miss your point?
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, April 18 2007, 23:13:59 (CEST)
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Curious wrote:
>Let me make this as simple as I can...the overall point you are missing is that there is no such thing as direct, lineal desecendants of the ancient Assyrians.
>All of the so-called sources you bring up are all making the same mistake you are. It's that simple. Of course, should you be able to provide any evidence for your claims...we and many others would love to see it...but you have none. I know what you will will send me to those same erroneous sources as before....Dr Joseph and researchers like him haven't the time or interest in repeating themselves forever to people who can't read...or who have no will simply deny the obvious forever...I, on the famous other hand...have more time to waste..and so I take you up and ask you again...bring, do not SEND us...but bring us some actual data that would show you, or anyone else, to be a direct blah blah blah...if you claimed to be born in 1955, I would ask you for a birth me any kind of recognized document anywhere that proves Nestorians were calling THEMSELVES direct descendants....don't read me a poem...don't tell me to read NOT mention the Academic Journal as a "scholarly source" is is a magazine repeating the same errors over and over.
>In other words... DO SOMETHING!
>On this, you and Tiglath are in the same boat because you too can not offer any proof on anything either.

...I can, thanks to Dr Joseph...but what's the point of discussing a book with someone who refuses to read it, but feels perfectly "intelligent" refuting it anyway. There are many signs...fopr one the people themselves never called themselves Ashuraye, but Suraye....the titles of the three Nestorian newspapers in the United States all had the word Syrian, English for Suraye, in their titles, and then abruptly changed them to "Assyrian"...between the World wars...that's after a thousand years and more of being Suraye...why did they do that? Also, Layard and Rassam both, although they felt these people were newly found Assyrians, continued calling them Chaldeans..the older and erroneous name for them, but the one accepted till then by the was the Archbishop of Canterbury who first used this term for THOSE specific naming the mission he sent to them, The Archbishop of Canterbury's Assyrian Mission...also there are quotes of a disagreement between Rassam and another fellow in which they discuss the inappropriateness of giving the Syrians a new name (Assyrian) when the people THEMSELVES never used that term for themselves, till the early 1900s. There is much more....but obviously you are the kind who is afraid to look when something scares just repeat your prayers over and over...and then louder and louder...because you are afraid to learn...because you are afraid to be what you were...a Christian from those countries and not an Assyrian with your own "nation". The truth hurts...but it might set you free...but some prefer a nice prison cell to the rigors of freedom.
>The other thing is that you should read my post again and again until you realize that I claim nothing of the sort. Remove your blinders and see what people write and DO NOT always bring the conversation to the same conclusion.

...I read and see what I saw....since it's clear which of us speaks English any misunderstanding on my part is more due to your barbarous language skills than to any lack of basic comprehension on my's your job to express YOU clearly...not mine to torment myself by trying to figure out what the hell you are actually trying to say...YOU do the extra work, isntead of confounding me and then telling me to try harder....
>This post has gone way beyond the intended idea. I guess it takes talent to suck people into whatever vortex you spin in.

...screw you and your vortex...this isn't a nursery, neither is it a school for the handicapped...if you have something to say then say it, clearly and in words with definitions acceptable in America and not Damascus. You understand me well...your replies are baffling...your questions nearly incomprehensible...after running us around in circles YOU beg off...YOu throw your hands up in mock despair...because you can't keep up I must slow down?


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