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Re: HOW..did I miss your point?
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, April 18 2007, 17:09:36 (CEST)
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Let me make this as simple as I can...the overall point you are missing is that there is no such thing as direct, lineal desecendants of the ancient Assyrians.

All of the so-called sources you bring up are all making the same mistake you are. It's that simple. Of course, should you be able to provide any evidence for your claims...we and many others would love to see it...but you have none. I know what you will will send me to those same erroneous sources as before....Dr Joseph and researchers like him haven't the time or interest in repeating themselves forever to people who can't read...or who have no will simply deny the obvious forever...I, on the famous other hand...have more time to waste..and so I take you up and ask you again...bring, do not SEND us...but bring us some actual data that would show you, or anyone else, to be a direct blah blah blah...if you claimed to be born in 1955, I would ask you for a birth me any kind of recognized document anywhere that proves Nestorians were calling THEMSELVES direct descendants....don't read me a poem...don't tell me to read NOT mention the Academic Journal as a "scholarly source" is is a magazine repeating the same errors over and over.

In other words... DO SOMETHING!


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