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Re: HOW..did I miss your point?
Posted by Curious (Guest) - Thursday, April 19 2007, 14:16:32 (CEST)
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You said:
...screw you and your vortex...this isn't a nursery, neither is it a school for the handicapped...if you have something to say then say it, clearly and in words with definitions acceptable in America and not Damascus. You understand me well...your replies are baffling...your questions nearly incomprehensible...after running us around in circles YOU beg off...YOu throw your hands up in mock despair...because you can't keep up I must slow down?

...I am not surprised that you should find my question and replies to you baffling. You are the only one that thinks that way. You need to concentrate then answer in plain English. The language you are so peacocky about. Not all people are Shakespeares. That said, I know my English is not that bad for a TRUE Assyrian.

So go peddle your ideas somewhere with people that appreciate your inferiorties.


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