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Re: HOW..did I miss your point?
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, April 19 2007, 17:56:05 (CEST)
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>So go peddle your ideas somewhere with people that appreciate your inferiorties.

...substance...give us substance. The fireworks are cute...but they get tiresome when you have nothing else to offer. This discussion centered around the fact that Dr Joseph provides good data on how we came to think of ourselves as modern descendants of the ancient Assyrians...and ancient Chaldeans...which among other things has contributed and is contributing to the tragedy of the dimisnishing Christian community in Iraq especially.

...go on, be cute. Double check your Thesarus. Get flowery too. But in and around it all try to bring somehting factual to the discussion.

...I don't need to go anywhere to peddle anything...I'm here, you have come ppeddling.


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