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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, June 30 2007, 1:56:33 (CEST)
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Qasrani wrote:
>....not that I ever actually left, I just stopped checking Assyrian forums. Wish me a happy birthday (June 29th), peeps!!!
>Anyhow, I notice some things different:
>1) "Maggie" is gone?
>2) Why has the traffic of postings slowed?
>3) Nice photo of the Fred. Much better than sketches of some caricature pissing on something/someone.

...have you never seen a politcal cartoon in your life? Have you never seen Uncle Sam pilloried? That toon of mine tells the truth in a few sketched any good toon should do. Where is the dishonesty in it? Uncle Sam and a Brit soldeir are pissing on you doubt it, or just don`t like seeing what`s before your eyes? Oh, and Happy Birthday...may you hurry up and have a lot more them real fast.

And yes, Maggie is gone. She banned herself. We got into a silly tussle over Dr Joseph`s excellent book. I wanted to discuss it, she wanted to scream filthy names at Dr Joseph...and then she dragged Dr Eden Naby into it...said she KNEW Eden didn`t earn her doctorate etc. She did this once before, painted herself into a raving corner and realized the only way to get out was in high dudgeon...pretending her femininity, or whatever, had been insulted. We sure as hell didn`t ban her...we don`t ban anyone...people just go away.

As for the traffic...we`ve always had far more readers than posters...I think they`re all the FBI and Homeland Security, or mostly. But really, our people are not used to freedom of`s like if you don`t guarantee them ahead of time that they`ll win the game, they won`t show up. To write here is, for most of them, to take your life, or at least your sense of self, in your they`d rather not risk it...because none of us has any certainty about any of this..we just bluster and blow...but they do enjoy reading.

Thanks for reminding`s time to put that toon back up. Have you a better suggestion?



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