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Last night as I lay my head to rest
I travelled back in time,
To ancient Mesopotamia
A land I considered mine.

>>> Mesopotamia is the Greek word for Beth Nahrain. Using Beth Nahrain liberates us from the distorted Western history of our ancestors.

I wandered through the city of Nineveh
I danced above the Nineveh Plains,
I swam in the Euphrates and Tigris
As its history ran through my veins.

I browsed Ashurbanipal’s library
My excitement – I could not contain,
Cuneiform tablets – all neatly set out
According to subject and name.

I was amazed at the sight of King Ashur

>> You must been King Ashurbaniupal.

So strong and so proud of his land,
He smiled as he showed me the lion he’d killed
The blood was still on his hands.

I sat by the rivers of Babylon
I could not believe I was there,
I had gone back in time – more than 6000 years
Its beauty – unspoilt and rare.

>> Ashurbanipal's library dates to around 635BC. Basic maths shows that you only went back 2,702 years back.

I stared at the Lion of Babylon
Amazed by its stature and size,
I ran for my life – as it started to roar
A decision I thought to be wise.

I saw Nimrod at the Tower of Babel

>> There was no tower of Babel. It was the great Ziggurat of Babylon which was used as an observatory and temple by the Babylonian priests. Nimrod is a fictional figure made up by the Jewish writers of the Old Testament to depict our ancestors as rebllious children.

Nebuchadnezzar - at the Gate of Ishtar,
The books I had read – were now coming to life
The reality was something bizarre.

I watched Gilgamesh wrestle Enkidu
As they battled for power and might,
But in the end formed a powerful friendship
After a fierce and blood-thirsty fight.

I bargained with merchants in the markets
I traded with silver and gold,
I ate dates with a man – with a feather in his hat
Who looked more than 100 years old.

I relaxed in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

>> The legend of the hanging gardens of Babylon have erroneously come down to us from Greek legends. Recent findings show that they were actually the hanging gardens of Nineveh. More precisely the hanging garderns built by King Sennacherib when he constructed his 'Palace without rival.'

I sipped wine from a jug made of clay,
I read proverbs from the wise man Akhiqar
Who always knew just what to say.

>>> Akhikar was born hundres of years after Ashurbanipal.

I drank tea with the Queens of Assyria
Shamiram and Goddess Ishtar,
Atalia – the Queen of King Sargon
What powerful women they are.

>>> The Goddess Ishtar was not a queen of Assyria although queens Atalia and Sammuramat (Shamiram) did imitate her qualities. It's also better to call the corrupted queen Shamiram by her original name, Sammuramat.

I gained wisdom from King Hammurabi
Who showed me his new code of laws,
All neatly inscribed – in tablets of clay
All written for a purpose and cause.

I witnessed the demise of the Israelites
Which started from Tiglath Pilaser,
And ended with the might of King Sargon
Sennharib and King Shalmanaser.

>> What demise? They were peacefully resettled in the north of Assyria where life was so good that they promptly assimilated into the Assyrian Empire and became Assyrian citizens. These lies about Assyrians committing genocide have been perpetuated by the same writers whose ancestors killed every man, woman and child in Cannan.

I sat with the kings of this empire
We spoke of protecting this land,
King Nimrod , King Ashur and Tiglath Pilaser
King Sargon and King Ashur-Dan.

>> King Nimrod - Bible fairy tale. There was no King Ashur although many had Ashur in their names.

I awoke to the sound of alarm bells
A state of confusion set in,
I sat on my bed with my head in my hands
Thinking about where I had been.

I wanted so much to go back there
It was real – or so it had seemed,
But I had to admit – that these heroes I’d met
Were only alive in my dreams.

I reached over and opened my history book
Like I’d done many times in the past,
It was painful to see – my Assyrian King
In a museum now trapped behind glass.

The king who had once been the greatest
Who’s voice shook the mountains and hills,
The king who once ruled an empire
Now a prisoner – silent and still.

The cities of Nineveh and Babylon
Demolished – completely destroyed,
All that is left is a mountain of dirt
The teardrops – I could not avoid.

>> What about the ancient city of Baghdad? If you were true to history you'd name all the great empires our ancestors constructed.

How sad I felt for my ancestors
They fought so hard for this nation,
Without them we would never be known
As the Cradle of Civilization.

I threw my book down in anger
And all I could feel was the shame,
After all that our ancestors had done for us
We still can’t remember our name.

>> Our name is well known outside of our community. You just can't accept it.

W Gabriel Dinkha
>> Tiglath


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