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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, April 20 2007, 17:40:11 (CEST)
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PANCHO II wrote:
>Here is what you wrote"
>"...the day you find the courage you lack to use your own can lecture us on courage."
>So now you know my real identity.

...I knew it all are a Christian coward...and opportunist who sees "glory" for himself in believing and trying to get others to believe that he has a noble heritage...a direct link to the ancients...and seeing what kind of stuff you're made of, it's no wonder you want to be someone else.
>You are so full of it.

...and you're still hiding behind your mama...afraid of getting hit by a rolling pin....yes, I know who you let's see if you do. Have you the courage of your name?

...and we're still waiting for your homework.


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