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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, July 12 2012, 20:17:56 (UTC)
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Americans can't stand it when their policies or government is in anyway mentioned and criticized. We used to make fun of the German leader, and I even remember a German throwing an egg at the leader when he was delivering a speech. Amazing how the American thinks. They say tobacco kills 500,000 Americans every year. If this is true, wouldn't the government be guilty of it since it's billions of dollars involved? Most of the money you pay for a pack of cigarettes goes to the government and these are the people who are trying to get to quit smoking so they jack up the prices. Sounds more like profit than concerned with people quitting. I don't get why it's so hard for these blind patriots that the people they elect don't give a fuck aout them. They don't give a fuck about you. You are a nigger, white niggers, and they send you to wars, exploit you and sell you cheap products which were made in China and Indonesia. They replacing your jobs with machines or sending them to poor countries, yet you still think they care about you.

If only Hitler had this kind of population in his time and the power of our modern media. Not a Jew, gay, overweight person or pro-working class supporter would be alive. He only managed to murder millions of Jews back when they didn't have the propaganda tools that we have today. It is a known fact today that the CIA was selling drugs to American soldiers in Vietnam. These young men were a good cash-cow. You had tens of thousands of young men with paychecks and away from home. Every American today has to be aware of that so why is it hard to believe anything else? We know about gulf of Tonkin, we know Perl Harbor was not an unprovoked attacked by the Japanese as the history textbooks in high schools liked us to believe and we know about the many ex-military vets who are homeless, committing suicide and fucked up in the head. Anything is possible with these blood suckers.


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