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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Wednesday, April 18 2007, 2:01:11 (CEST)
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One way or another I do not care what the origin of Eater is and whom it is attributed to. If Maggie is claiming something that is not hers (Assyrian) then she has adopted something from a different culture and I would not find that offensive at all since all of these entities existed at different times in the same geography.

.......No offense, but you've missed my point entirly.
It's very easy to claim Akito as Assyrian when it began with the Sumerians, was refined by the Babylonians and adopted by the Assyrians.
But this is done for example with the wheel which is also attributed by us to the Assyrians. Meanwhile the Code of the Babylonian king Hammurabi is also somehow Assyrian.

If you are not objecting to different entities existing at different times in the same geography then using the same logic above then can the Arabs not also claim that their descendants were the Suemrians, Babylonians and Assyrians as was evident by Iraq's old constitution?


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