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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Friday, June 29 2007, 8:24:23 (CEST)
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Hi Elvin,

I must agree with you totally.

We need to review the speeches and banners to ensure that we aren't blaming the Muslims for the plight of our people in Iraq. We need to make sure that we tell the truth and not issue some religously skewed view of the situation on the ground.

While it was fine a few years ago to pretend that the US and Australia were actually in Iraq in order to bring "freedom" and remove the CIA installed and US armed Saddam Hussein - and not for control of the world's strategic oil region - the time has now come to demand that the nations that have broken international law and illegally invaded and occupied our homeland should be held accounatble for their actions.

This is the moderate view our press releases and banners should take. When we mislead the world and take a radical and religous approach by telling the world that we are going through a genocide or we're being ethnically cleansed, we are in fact not gaining sympathy for our cause but contempt, from more knowledgable politicians, for misrepresenting and exagerating our plight. This moderate view is in fact the same stance currently being taken by the Australian Labor Party in Australia and the Republicans in the US and we should align ourselves not only with the main stream view but the future parties that will control both the US and Australain governments as well as gain wider acceptance from the Australian community.

The Liberal party's corporate sponsors such as BHP, the banks etc. were given the US-Australia FTA for Australia's illegal role in the war ultimately we should demand that the US and Australia accept the refugees that they've created OR alternatively assist our people in getting an adminsitrative zone in the Nineveh plains that remains tied to the Iraqi government. In 1975 after we illegaly killed millions of Vietnamese the Australian government under the Liberal government of Malcolm Fraser accepted over 200,000 Vietnamese boat people into Australia. Today we should be asking for far more from the Australian government in order to help our people in Iraq and its neighbouring countries.

David Chibo


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