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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, June 30 2007, 1:40:51 (CEST)
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Tiglath wrote:
>Let us not get in politics here David. I respectfully disagree and I still thing that invading Iraq was and still is a good step (in the long term). It also shows the ugliness that generally middle east Christians had to endure over the centuries, it is unveiling the moderate (and untrue) view of Islam that "politically correct" western left shows.

..would you say the Muslims are suffering less then the Christians in Iraq? It is a Muslim country the West invaded illegally...not a Christian one. Has "violent" Islam given the world Two World Wars, or was it the "peaceful" Christians? Did "hate-filled" Muslims kill over six million people, for their Jerwish religion alone, or was it "gentle" Christians who butchered them...and if you`re going to say that those Christians weren`t "real" Christians..then how did they manage to run away with the rest of you? Also, if they aren`t real Christians who do these awful things...why do you insist that the equivalent sickos on the Muslim side are REAL Muslims..."typical" of what Islam preaches?

..and tell us...what "liberal outlet" is defending or even showing a balanced view of Islam?

You are, when all is said and done and your "concern" for Christians of Iraq turns out to be no more than the "concern" Nazis had for the purity and safety of their Christians...a hate-mongering Christian who would have fit in well in Berlin in the 1930s. You too are only interested in the Christians killed by have no care or voice for all the Christians killed by Christians...and every Muslim killed is a joy to you.

You are motivated by hatred..hatred of Muslims and Islam...not by love for anyone.
>Emmanuel Ishow


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