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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Friday, June 29 2007, 9:22:43 (CEST)
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Hi Emmanuel,

We are privilged to be living in a democratic and plurastic nation in which we can call our democratically elected leaders war criminals for their illegal actions. This is not Iraq please remember that freedom isn't free. We in Australia are required to uphold the true ideals of democracy and criticse our leaders when they lie and commit crimes.

I am also against Muslim fundamentalists who are responsible for killing Christians. I was in fact against these very same Al Qaeda terrorist fundamentalists in 1999 at the height f the Bosnian war while the US was flying them into the heart of Bosnia to kill Christian Serb men women and children.

As for the ugliness that Middle East Christians had to endure in Iraq over the years you should ask our people how Tari Aziz was the second in command how the fundmaentalist Kurds and Shiite were controlled under a united Iraq by Saddam and how we were given our freedom of religion and language, provided we didn't oppose Saddam's government.

Leaving politics, emotions and religously skewed opinions aside no-one can deny that as a result of the illegal US-Australian invasion and occupation we have lost between 4,000 to 5,000 dead Christians in Iraq and another created another 500,000 refugees. Our population in Iraq as a proportion of the Iraqi population has dwindled from 1,000,000 to less than 500,000 today.

Not since WW1 have we experienced such tremendous losses from our homeland and the 1953 Hague convention along with Amnesty International explicitly state that the occupying forces are soley responsible for these losses.

I think I speak for the silent majority who agree with me that the invasion and the continued occupation of Iraq will ultiately result in the end of the Christians in the Middle East. And if you are interested in the long-term I think you should join me in saving our people from the lawlessness that has been ensued under US occupation.

David Chibo


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