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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, September 30 2017, 17:47:00 (UTC)
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-- Good points. My professor used to tell me that one of worst mistakes that modern Assyrians made was choosing Christianity as their (our) religion. He'd say, turn the other cheek and forgetting and forgiving will gain one nothing... "We Jews don't forget and don't forgive". As for the Muslims, you use force against them, it is their duty to use the equal amount of force "plus more" to defend themselves. I honestly do sympathize with the Qurds, but when it comes to Netanyahu salivating in promoting Quridi self-determination, based on that point, I have mixed feelings. Firstly, the Qurds are cousins to the Persians (like we are to Chaldeans and the Suryoyo... more or less: same tree, different branches).
Secondly, they are not a cohesive whole: Barzani (whom I call "Barzini" from THE GODFATHER film, "it was Barzini all along") and his KDP gang, and Talabani and his PUK crew are in total defiance with one another, and together are fiercely against the real "boss", Abdullah "Apo" Ocalan (pronounced Ochalan) and his anarcho-communalist groups: PKK/YGP/YPJ. "Apo" was turned over to the Turks by CIA and Mossad when he was in Kenya, and while in prison he began reading the works of the late American-Jewish anarchist, Murray Bookchin, whose main focus was on ecology and feminism. He veered away from his Maoist and Qurdi nationalist beliefs, instead promoting an anarchist federation experiment in Rojava, where Qurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Turkoman, and other groups would/will live and work together in establishing a kind of state in which all are equal. Furthermore, he passionately promotes a 40/60 women to men government, with a plan of a future 50/50 equal rights for all. Nowhere in the Muslim and Christian Mid-East states has this been even discussed, since patriarchy reigns in most of the Persian and Arab states. The propaganda regarding PKK and "Apo" is that they are a beastly terror group. Okay. They are so "beastly" that they, and they alone, were the only ones who saved the lives of the Yezdi on Sinjar mountain when the so-called and and over-blown Peshmerga (Peshgilta) ran away when Da'esh was on the attack. Our PR pimps of course kept showing the helicopter "rescue" after the PKK had already taken care of removing the Yezidi from ultimate harm. PKK is on the TERROR LIST, just as the Iranian RED SHIA cult, MEK was on the same list for the assassination of U.S. contractors in Iran during the 1970s, and they (as the lying shit-bags they are) were the architects of the U.S. Embassy take-over, Nov.4, 1979, which became known as the IRAN HOSTAGE CRISIS, lasting 444 days, when all the hostages were finally released just as Reagan became president... all part of a deal to demolish Carter's second run at the helm of being executive of the Empire (similar to the 1968 Paris Peace Talks which Kissinger engineered by undermining the entire negotiations so that "Tricky Dicky Nixon" would win the presidency). Also, the Qurds had plenty of help: Iranian Communists aided them, as they did the Azeri, with the promise of an independent Socialist Qurdistan and Socialist Southern Azerbaijan, splitting away from the Iranian nation. But when the reactionary counter-revolutionary Mullahs took power---which some believe was with the aid of the CIA (who knows?)---they almost completely decimated the Qurdi KOMALA, and perpetrated pogroms against Azeri Communist separatists, along with Persians whom they thought were their sympathizers. To cut this short, the Qurds, like the Armenians, formed communist groups, and therefore being Muslim (Qurds) or Christian (Armenians) was secondary to their primary communist makeup, which won them many friends and comrades who were in solidarity with their national liberation attempts; and as a result, they gained military aid from the Soviets, the Chinese, Cuba, Albania, and also Turkish communists. Assyrians, on the other hand, got dick... because they stuck so hard to their Christianity, believing that all they had to do was to immigrate to Western Christian nations and plead and make "demandses" since they, like their host western nations, were Christians. Such bullocks! Anyway, my take on this is that the "good Qurd" (Barzani) will be portrayed as the Qurdi MLK; whereas, "Apo" Ocalan, will be the Malcolm X "bad Qurd". It's obvious that Barzani's Qurdi enclave in Northern Iraq is broke as a joke, so he's eyeing the potential oil money in Kirkuk... and Netanyahu is there to help him to do what "Bibi" knows best: land grab. So, yeah... that's my opinion, right or wrong.... we shall see.


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