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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, May 19 2017, 17:19:22 (UTC)
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... one thing white supremacists have going against them is that objectively speaking none of the fears FOX news has been stoking up to hysterical levels are true...people WANT to believe them, but the reality isn't there.....FOX and racist friends WANTED people to believe the world came to an end when a black man became president, but it didn't. They can carry on behaving as if it did....but that doesn't provide the same fire in the belly a REAL catastrophe would bring on.

Fascism was possible in the 30s because the world did suffer a terrible depression...things were was obvious to all.....these sissy-boy supremacists we produce are posing...they're pretending to be outraged when all they are is pissed off...not the same thing.

And they're pissed for silly reasons...Blacks and Mexicans haven't done anything to them except succeed...sure, you can get angry over that if you want to...but you'll only attract the silliest ones...and so far we don't have enough of those.

America is the richest most powerful nation on earth...that's a FACT, no matter how much Trump weeps and wails...he's just weeping and wailing for himself, not the country...truth is white supremacists are pissed because immigrants work harder, succeed better, than they do, even with all the derision and abuse they have to work against...white boys who succeed don't join their ranks...only white boys who have nothing else going for them BUT their white skin, are aggrieved and angry and they're that way because some Darkie did better, tried harder, got farther than they did.

Just look at them...was there ever a bunch of people LESS superior than these crybabies?

Look at Trump, their Furor....was there ever a greater wuss and crybaby?


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