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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, May 17 2017, 15:21:08 (UTC)
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"According to data from the Anti-Defamation League, at least 45 police officers have been killed by domestic extremists since 2001. Of these, 10 were killed by leftwing extremists, 34 by rightwing extremists, and one by homegrown Islamist extremists."

-- In essence, the police victims of violence (since 2001) numbered 45 cop victims: "10 were killed by leftwing extremists, 34 by rightwing extremists, and one by homegrown Islamist extremists....really ONE Islamic "extremists" (as in plural)?

This is my breakdown of the above statement from the Guardian: Since 2001, 45 officers of the law (cops) were killed: 44 were killed by WHITES, call them leftwing or rightwing, no matter: 10 killed cops aiming and shooting with their left hand; and the other 34, by shooting and murdering cops with guns in their righthand... Lei capisce?? So... since 2001, out or 45 police officers, 44, according to the Guardian, were killed by Whites (left or right); and, one officer was killed by homegrown Islamic Extremist... the key word is "homegrown", and we know that "homegrown" is another way of saying 'a White alienated kid, as part of -- And I'm making an educated assumption here -- Amjad Choudry's group of English ISIS-supporters. So, when we (or I) break it down, out of 45 murdered cops: All Were Killed By "Domestic"; that is, White British boys (and perhaps, girls as lookouts)... and even the one "homegrown Islamist extremists" (again, why "extremists") there was only ONE of he (or she), and I wonder whether this person was... a WHITE BOY, too! But, in the sick, twisted mind of some folks: Even though all disparate 45 convicted cop killers... the one "homegrown Islamist extremists", whom on paper is immediately composed in our fixed, prejudiced minds as... a brown-boy-"Muzzie"; and worse, as the gang leader... ya' know how them "working class" whites think... certainly after their unions were smashed, thanks to Reagan and Thatcher... and later "Bubba Billy" Clinton ("I feel your pain")... and his puppy, yuppie and later Bush's lapdog, Tony Blair. Prior to being imposed upon the British laborers to become "individual and free from the 'evil' unions" -- done much easier to American working schmucks (with all due respect, SCHMUCKS!), they union workers and party members (Communist, Socialists, Social-Democrats, etc.) this "uneducated" base of all Capitalist societies each had their own publications and daily papers: no more --- or very few for the unrelenting fighters of humanist socialism); otherwise, the news they read or watch or listen to on rightwing radio, is full of lies and hate and screaming. There's no one to blame!? Bullshit!

And, once again, I repeat: The rise of a violent, well-trained, well-armed, international --as far as Western and Eastern Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, AND the most Nazis or neo-Nazis per capita are to found in the nation who lost almost 30 million of its people fighting the Nazis and their Ukrainian fascists (which led a Christian Ukrainian girl attack me during my Monday night class when I was talking about Ukrainian fascists and neo-Nazis and their collaborators during the war, and thereafter: groups like Right Sector, Svoboda, the Azov Brigade.... and the celebration of Nazi collaborator (now a Christian Ukrainian hero, Stepan Bandera)... meanwhile, in Hungary's authoritarian Rightwing government led by Viktorb Orban (Trump loves this guy, of course), and within Hungary's nationalist rightist milieu, a humble statue of Jewish Marxist and WW 2 hero, the philosopher and anti-fascist, Gyorgy Lukacs was destroyed:

p.s. Smash fascism, not statues of anti-Fascist fighters... like Comrade Lukacs!


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