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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, April 18 2007, 17:29:53 (CEST)
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Jumblat wrote:
>Pancho wrote :
>" The gambit of their’s I personally like best is the “Lost A” to explain that Assyria always existed, but was called Syria and the people of it “Syrians”. It was lost, we know not why, only to be “found” when needed. It’s a “deux ex machina”…a device of the gods, come in handy, just in time, to save the day…and as all such leaves an unsatisfactory taste behind it."
>REPLY >>>
>I know you try to drag the argument, at least you got people to argue with, and when you don't find any, YOU ARGUE WITH YOURSELF !!!

...can you never stick to the point?
>Now, let us forget about that SYRIA comes from ASSYRIA, and who said that there was a strong possibility ' SYRIA ' comes from ' ASSYRIA ' such theory was not invinted by the Assyrians, but by westerns themselve., actually the researchers who do their homework are the ones saying that Syria does NOT come from is our nationalists who said this as a way of explaining away the fact that throughout our known history, since the Christian era, we have always called ourselves Suraye..and never order to make their claim the boys said that "Syrians"...which is what we were known by to the West, was "really" Assyrian all's just that the "A" got "tliqta"...Westerners, now , know that they are two sepaarte and distinct things. It's true that Euros first clapped the name Chaldean and Assyrian on us....but very few went along with that...scientists and researchers more and more came to see the earlier mistake for what it was and they have corrected themselves...for the most part.
>As I said, let us see ' SYRIA ' is not Assyria, and because Christianity came from SYRIA, so that Christian religion united those people who became under the name ' SYRIANS ' .

...Christianity did not come from came from Isreal...Judea to be precise. By the time this Jewish religion "united" the people, the people were Aramaic in culture and language....they blended into the Artamean tide that would eventually sweep that entire region...just as the ancient Sumerians were swept un into Babylonia...and Assyria etc.

...did it never strike you as odd that ONLY the Assyrians survived, so-called, to this day? How come every Babylonian was wiped off the face of the earth?
>If we called ouselves as ASSYRIANS, SYRIANS, we didn't mean we are not ASSYRIANS, it is as those who become ' ROMAN CATHOLIC ' but they are not ROMAN, the same thing is in our case.

...not at all. But you explain nicely how this mistake can be can be a Christian in the "land of Assyria"...just as you can be a Catholic of Rome...but being a Catholic Christian of Rome does NOT make you a Roman...and it secrtainly doesn't make you the grandson of Julius's just the geographic NAME of the location of that Rome. Same with the Christians of Assyria..or the Catholics of Chaldea....they are NOT Assyrians and's just the geographical NAME of the center of their churches...that's all.

...the term Syria and Syria were the Greek words for Aram and Aramean...they were put into the bible by the Jews for the Jews of Alexandria...the Hellenized Jews of Alexandia...Syria meant Aram and Syrians meant Arameans...which is what we became...we called ourselves Suraye all those centuries, never Ashuraye....not until the Euros. Suraye MEANS Arameans...NOT Assyrians...not Ashuraye. In 1970 another bible was put out by Brit scholars who went BACK to Aram and Aramean....they got rid of the Syria and Syrian....and that's what we were and are....Arameans by language and culture, plus Hebrew, by religion and culture too....there isn't a damn thing "Assyrian" about us...not even the language we so proudly boast that Jesus is not the language of the Assyrians, which is is the language of Aram....just as all the ethnic minorities who were swept up into islam and adopted the Arabic language and culture..we were swept away by the Aramaic language and culture...and the Christian religion.'s hard, I know...but try to be brave.
>So, for stupid people like you and Professor John Joseph you realize you are calling the one man among us who has achieved such recognition...and is respected by everyone BUT us...while you fawn over Aprim and anyone else who will stroke your balls?

, it is really something puzzling, because both of you don't understand the language

....people who shit on the English language daily..and yet see nothing odd in "explaining" things anyway should not cast stones. What language does Dr Joseph not understand that you do?

and both of you DON'T KNOW REALLY to what nation you belong,

...well, since we both know the English language and are not afraid of soap and water, or dioctionaries, we know what the word "nation" English. Now if you want to use your utter lack of knowledge of this language, while using a word FROM that language, whose meaning you don't know...what are you talking about? What nation? I am a citizen, a national of the United States...and I'm sure Dr Joseph is too...what nation do you hold a passport from?

in a time you call your WEBSITE , " INSIDE ASSYRIA " , if any outsider take a look on what you write , you know the one thing YES ONE THING will say that you are IDIOT in capital letters , so now BARK AS MUCH YOU WANT !!!'re barking enough. I will, however, say that I am as much Assyrian as I ever felt...I will add that being Assyrian means doing something Assyrian...not something Christian....and I have done and will continue to do the kinds of Assyrian, Babylonian, Chaldean and yes even Arab and Kurd and Persian things I want to...for all of those magnificent cultures are within me...trying to find, what do YOU do?


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