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Posted by Jumblat (Guest) - Tuesday, April 17 2007, 6:59:56 (CEST)
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Pancho wrote :

" The gambit of their’s I personally like best is the “Lost A” to explain that Assyria always existed, but was called Syria and the people of it “Syrians”. It was lost, we know not why, only to be “found” when needed. It’s a “deux ex machina”…a device of the gods, come in handy, just in time, to save the day…and as all such leaves an unsatisfactory taste behind it."


I know you try to drag the argument, at least you got people to argue with, and when you don't find any, YOU ARGUE WITH YOURSELF !!!

Now, let us forget about that SYRIA comes from ASSYRIA, and who said that there was a strong possibility ' SYRIA ' comes from ' ASSYRIA ' such theory was not invinted by the Assyrians, but by westerns themselve.

As I said, let us see ' SYRIA ' is not Assyria, and because Christianity came from SYRIA, so that Christian religion united those people who became under the name ' SYRIANS ' .

If we called ouselves as ASSYRIANS, SYRIANS, we didn't mean we are not ASSYRIANS, it is as those who become ' ROMAN CATHOLIC ' but they are not ROMAN, the same thing is in our case.

So, for stupid people like you and Professor John Joseph , it is really something puzzling, because both of you don't understand the language and both of you DON'T KNOW REALLY to what nation you belong, in a time you call your WEBSITE , " INSIDE ASSYRIA " , if any outsider take a look on what you write , you know the one thing YES ONE THING will say that you are IDIOT in capital letters , so now BARK AS MUCH YOU WANT !!!


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