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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, April 18 2007, 23:00:43 (CEST)
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Jumblat wrote:
>Pancho wrote:
>" ...Christianity did not come from came from Israel "
>REPLY >>>
>I knew you will make a drastic mistake, go to the BIBLE and read in the days of Jesus there was a CENSUS that was conducted by the Roman empire in the country of SYRIA, because Palestine was considered a Syrian province and how Joseph moved to his place of registration !

...I wouldn't go to the bible for TOILET PAPER!!! I told you, the history in the bibnle tells about the bible...NOT about history. Jesus was not born in Syria...I don't care where his grandparents came from....he was born in Nazareth, according to your bible...which is a JEWISH history book, not a Syrian one....Many places are provinces of other places, that doesn't mean they change places...have you nothing better to do?
>You need a lot to learn, bus alas you are so stubborn that never admit making mistake , and you see yourself always right WHICH IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM THAT WE ARE HAVING WITH YOU !!!!

....then get yourself a web site and tell your version of the story.

...You're still evading the issue under discussion...which was how the Nestorians came to bewlieve, first, that they were Chaldean and then later how the rest came to think they were Assyrian...and the invitation still ONE source before 1800 that has a Nestorian saying HE is an Assyrian....just one. You have to change anything in that fluid head of yours....just show us one source and if you can't...then say so. You cans till believe in the Easter Bunny after that.


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