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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, July 10 2007, 5:51:41 (CEST)
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Website title: really should read any book by Michael Parenti...I read one and never got over it. far as the atom bomb being dropped...the version I heard was that by previous agreement the Soviet Union, our ally against Hitler and the ones to really have defeated him, had promised to enter the war in the Pacific, as soon as it ended in Europe.

It was to keep them from fulfilling this obligation we placed them under that we hastened the end to the war...but really, I believe it was indeed to scare the Soviets...and everybody else.

Yessiree, turns out it was also Christians who first used weapons of real mass destruction...then built and sold them to everyone else.

Lesson to Iran: Iraq had no nuclear weapons...and look at it. North Korea threatens to make them....we leave thrm alone...hell, we even feed them and have been for several years...we NEED "excuses"....for later wars.

If there were no "terrorist" weŽd have to imvent them...

...we DID!


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