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Re: The Assyrian guy who killed his Australian ex girlfriend
Posted by Ashleigh (Guest) - Wednesday, February 5 2020, 8:54:35 (UTC)
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This is my half sister that your all speaking about.
Let me put it really simply for you folk. There is no excuse under any circumstance to kill a woman based on your father being strict.
that is just scapegoating the whole situation.
Sargon knew what he was doing the night that he came up with the evil and horrifyingly plan to get her friend to sneak her out of the house take her out and then set her up.
All three of these worthless piece of shit deserve to go to hell.
What they did to Victoria was so bad that the details were marked never to be released for fear of a copy cat murderer.
How dare you all sit there and say this and that like it’s nothing
She was 18 and beautiful and she deserved better. We all do.
Shame on you all. Don’t even mention the karan I’m not muslin but I’m fairly sure it doesn’t say go out and murder white vulnerable girls cos they didn’t do what u wanted.


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