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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, July 8 2007, 20:38:54 (CEST)
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..I was just reasonable, even intelligent it was of our ancestors to make the sun into a God...also water and trees and plants. When seeing a glorious sunset, who wouldn`t think, quite rationally, that this was a God? The old timers knew they needed water to live...wheat etc...even wine. What could be more sane than making gods, supernatural beings, out of these?

By contract consider yahwe and all the madness he spawned with this ONE GOD bullshit..after all, Islam and Christianity are really the same religions, offshoots of Judaism. Look at the accumulated nonsense we still try to live by.

Imagine someone insisting we live by the medical knowledge and practices of Isaiah`s day...yet we are all "waiting" for that old fraud to be proven correct. We yearn for the morals of people who were so pig-ignorant it makes your head swim.


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