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Re: The Nazis in Germany are back: AfD party wins third place
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, September 24 2017, 22:14:34 (UTC)
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-- So far, the Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) has won 90 seats, that is, 1/6 (one-sixth) of seats in the German Bundestag (German parliament). So basically, after World War II, after the miserable, macabre mass murder of 60 million people (2 million combatants; 58 million civilians), some Germans, like some Brits and Americans want "their country back". Anti-Islam is what connects all of these folks, in addition to making sure other minority groups, like Blacks in the U.S., don't get too uppity, and only take a knee in the presence of the "Superior Race". What's concerning is that the AfD will now gain much more funding and may possibly one day run the entire nation of Germany, which is the leading economic and military power in all of Europe.


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