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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, November 3 2018, 19:09:53 (UTC)
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…old stones and art are nice....but, as we apportion blame for what happened to the PEOPLE of Iraq ( as well as the old stones) leave us not forget that American Assyrians helped pay for the war and devastation of all of Iraq including the thousands of Assyrians killed there.

Not only did their taxes help buy the weapons and pay the "heroes" who murdered innocent people, Christians among them, but our nationalists even cheered and wet themselves over the prospect that, at last, someone was going to SAVE the Assyrians of Iraq.

The same old, depressing story; anyone who attacks Iraq will be a friend to Assyrians, in America and elsewhere (but not in Iraq).

Assuming there are any Assyrians left in thirty years and any other Christian country attacks Iraq, you can bet our boys will once again cheer and maybe even go there and help kill....because they always have "hope".

What a contrast to how the Chaldeans responded to the war. From the very start they knew what was coming and so they bent their efforts to getting people out of harm's saving the PEOPLE and not worrying at all about a future "Chaldea" a result they resettled Chaldean families in the US and elsewhere...those children started new lives while Assyrian babies were being buried in "Assyria".

This is what is so detestable about the nationalism of the Assyrians...from the start Assyrian aid societies offered to help Iraqi Assyrians ONLY if the stayed in Iraq...if Assyrian families wanted to escape to Chicago or California these agencies would do nothing for them...and when they did bring a sick Assyrian child to America for life-saving surgery...they sent him or her right back, to a life-threatening situation, as soon as ever they could.

Assyrian aid was tied to nationalism, not humanitarianism. The real purpose was to keep Assyrian in Iraq, regardless of the dangers, because they still think that some day they will get "Assyria" back, and how cold they do that if there were few to no Assyrians left there? That's all it was.

Over $200,000 was raised from auctioning off my sculpture over ten years or so...I wanted all that money spent on getting Assyrian families OUT of Iraq...instead the money was used to keep them buy them some bread, replace a roof, maybe some aspirin, a van or two and schoolbooks...all of which have been destroyed or taken over by other we knew would happen and as has always happened.

I wonder if buried Assyrians will make the case for the nationalists...after all, they stayed...because were KEPT THERE.


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