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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, April 17 2007, 5:09:05 (CEST)
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Curious wrote:
>For years now you have been picking on “Aprim” and his lack of mastering the English Language..

...not one ever expected him to master it...but...if you[re going to take apart the writings of those who have mastered it, you should at least6 be proficient... but, since Aprim has no qualms about speaking of things he understands not at all...why should his poor English make him stop.
>Here is what you said “Aprim, it turns out, bases most of his ideas on his appalling lack of knowledge of the subtleties of the English language”.
>At least Aprim tries and for his efforts I would say that is a lot more courageous than what you do.

...Sorry...that[s the same nonsense we always use to excuse the awful showing we make...we always say, at LEAST he tried...that isn[t good enough anywhere else but in your Assyria...nowhere else, unlwess its a class for the handicapped,do people expect to be petted and strokedfor some time, what you ACHIEVE has to begin to begin to count...and it never has for us...just TRYING has been good enough..and look at us.

Had I merely made the monument of Ashurbanipal to0 put up ast a Civic Club, or in the backyard of a church...or a bingo hall...I would have done what Aprim did with his silly book...instead I took the monument OUTSIDE...where they dont give you credit for TRYING...but only for SUCCEEDING...I asked experts in the fuield...lots of them, entrusted with giving precious public land to monuments...they didn[t care that I thought I was Assyrian...or that YOU might think it was great of me TRY...they looked at what I had DONE...and assessed it in terms of its merits...and only its merits...fortunately they found it qualified..and so we have that most prestigous location...Aprim merely printed his own book...and even Hitler did that...he went nowhere where any experts in the field..or people who must choose wisely because they make their LIVING from publishing books, could evakluate his wriotings...same with Rosie that they care very much to publish real books..and not the personal musings of your cousins.

It would seem that you are not very original in thought giving. You always rely on someone else’s thought to make comments and at times, even the comment is silly like the one you made about Aprim. appears you are doing what you accuse me of...I[ve been writing now for over seven years...over twenty thousand posts....millions of words...and there are more andmore people reading. If I had to depend on Aprim to inspire me or lead the way...I[d be where he is now.
>You can move away from Aprim’s shadow ..And advice that would cleanse your hate for a fellow Assyrian.

...he is not my fellow...he is not an Assyrian.And I xcertainly don[t hater a child you think everyone who crossesyou must HATE never crossesyour dull brian that to disagree with someone, even vociferously, can ever be justidfied by what THAT person puts out...according to you whatever anyoen wants to do, aslong as iot meets with your approval, is fine and dandy...but if you or Aprim are shown to be wrong,or foolish,then it can only be HATE at the core of it. What is Aprim made of that there is anything to hate in him...I strongly disliked his implying that if I didn[t stop asking questions which showed how shallow he was he would tell the world what I do to my children, as a way ofsilencing me and my questions,...this is the pattern they allfollow...because tyhey arearrant cowards to a boy....that was a low blow...but I paid him back in terms he could understand...I told him that whatever I did with my children was no worse a thing than when he and I were caught in the mens room of the Greyhound Bus Terminal...French Kissing. When he saw that...he gave a tearful farewell and was gone for a year...recuperating.

I simply gave him back what he tried to dish out to me...only better.


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