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Re: Where did the Babylonians Disappear to????
Posted by Jumblat (Guest) - Wednesday, May 2 2007, 8:04:08 (CEST)
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Pancho wrote:

" If we reject the idea that "all" Assyrians were wiped off the face of the earth...why do we accept the fact that no one today claims to be a lineal descendant of the Babylonians? Assyria fell before Babylon did...why didn't they resurface? "


How many times we are going to tell you that even ASSYRIANS were assimilated in the Arabic Speaking Iraqis, and we told you except a little portion of them still remained ASSYRIANS, furthermore, if you check the people in Tigret who still have the women to cross their dough and are TODAY Muslims , for a simple reason that they were Assyrians and not Arabs became Christians !

Now, let me ask you that there are over 8 million Christians in Egypt today who are called COPTS, while the COPT name comes from the Greek word for EGYPT/EGYPTOS, these Christians are the remnants of the ancient Egyptians too.

Now you are going to tell me they ARABS , which is wrong before ARAB invasion no Arabism in Egypt, and today many Egyptians still are proud of that and ask your Professor JOHN JOSEPH to tell these Egyptians Christians they are not COPTS / Egyptians you will see what will their reaction , which I know in advance that they are going to say HELL with you who you are to tell us otherwise?
In any event, JOHNS JOSEPH is the ASSYRIAN enemy #1 who is implementing the ZIONIST propaganda only, SHAME ON HIM and SHAME on you to support this rotten person !


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